WHAT IS "ASHSHIFA - 500?"

"ASHSHIFA - 500", a coded Unani drug is a combination of Unani herbs of 18 varieties said to be very useful in the maintenance of kidney failure patients in the Unani medical literature.

These herbs are identified and used by Dr. Hakeem S. Akbar Kausar, Chief physician, Alkausar Unani Kidney Foundation, Vaniyambadi, since the past 25 years in his medical practice.

A Joint project was signed by the University of Madras and the Alkausar Unani Kidney Foundation Vaniyambadi for a research work on Ashshifa - 500 at the University Campus in the year 1995 in the Acute Renal Failure and chronic Renal failure.

The results were amazing. The affected kidneys of the albino rats began to function normally. "ASHSHIFA-500" has been found useful in expelling urea, creatinine, etc. that are deposited in blood due to kidney failure. Further the experiments at the Department of Bio-Chemistry of Madras University has also showed that "ASHSHIFA - 500" has no toxic effect or any other side effects by its administration.
The results of the researches about "ASHSHIFA -500” have been brought to the attention of the Central Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in New Delhi.

The Council was satisfied with the result of "ASHSHIFA - 500" and consequently it has given a grant to the department of Bio - Chemistry of Madras University to continue further researchers on "ASHSHIFA - 500" for 5 years.

Financial assistance given initially by Alkausar Unani Kidney Foundation, Vaniyambadi and later by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Government of India, New Delhi.

Ashshifa the coded drug supplied by Alkausar Unani Kidney Koundation, Vaniyambadi for research work.

The Research work was done in the Madras University Campus for the period of five years form 1995 to 1999 in the Department of Bio Chemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Madras, Chennai.

The first research report on Acute Renal Failure was submitted to Dr. Akbar Kausar, Director, AI-Kausar Unani Kidney Foundation by Prof. P.T. Manoharan Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras on 10-6-1998 in his Chamber congratulating and honouring Dr. S. Akbar Kausar for his invention "ASHSHIFA-500".

Second research report on Chronic Renal failure was submitted by the university to Dr. Akbar Kausar in the month of April 1999.

A consolidated research report on both Acute Renal Failure and Chronic Renal Failure was submitted to Dr. Akbar Kausar by Rev. Fr. Dr. Ignachmuthu. Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras on 25.11.2002.

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