MEDICINES AND CONSULTATION

Al-Kausar Unani Kidney Fundation, a unit of AI-Kausar Herbal Hospital functioning is separately for the benefit of the kidney patient. The kidney patient should be brought to our hospital with all the previous medical reports. Such as scanning summary, blood-urine reports, discharge summary etc. for consultation and treatment if his/her health permitted to travel.

It is noted that the blood pressure of the kidney patients raise substantialy when they travel. The kidney patients who are on regular dialysis, are usually addicted to dialysis and when it is stopped at once they will feel enormous discomfort. Some patients may develope ascites plural effusion and weakness on long journeys and on stopping dialysis intermedially. In such cases it is well advised that the patient should not travel long distances which would increase his sufferings and some times traveling may be fatal to him. Instead, the relatives of the patient can come here with all the relevant records of the patient for consultation and medicines and to get a clear understanding. Subsequently the medicine can be had by post. The patient can personally contact the chief physician, Dr. Akbar Kausar over by phone between 6pm to 9pm. Phone No.(04174) - 235390, 235395, Cell: 09842347868.

For better consultation you are advised to send here by somebody with xerox copies of his/her previous medical report hospital discharge summary blood test, ultrasound scan of the abdomen etc.

It is observed in our 25 year experience that our herbal treatment cures the Acute Renal Failure and maintains the kidney in Chronic renal Failure. It helps a lot to the kidney failure patients who are not in a position to take dialysis treatment and kidney transplantation.
Besides our herbal treatment allopathic medicines can also be taken without fear as prescribed by the allopathic doctors for other complications.

In the case of Diabetic Nephropathy, Chronic Nephritis, ESRD and CRF in which urea and creatinine are very high and if the patient is on dialysis, the patient can also take Ashshifa-500 along with dialysis. It helps fast improvement in maintaining the kidney without side effects.

Our unani treatment protects the kidney diseases from further deterioration if they strictly follow the diet chart prescribed by our doctors along with the unani medication. Unani medicines give strength to the kidney, liver, heart and other internal organs.

It cures simple kidney problems and Acute Renal Failure. In Chronic Renal Failure where the level of urea is 100 and creatinine within .5 mg in the blood, Ashshifa helps to maintain the kidney without dialysis and transplantation. They should also follow strictly our diet chart.
In case of high urea, creatinine level in the blood and the patient is developing severe vomiting, nausea, breathing problem, hicough, suffocation of the chest, ascitis, water accoumulation in the body, swelling of the face and body, it is advisable to continue our medicine along with dialysis and allopathic medicines suggested by your nephrologist

Then gradully reduce the frequency of dialysis, continue our medicine regularly. When the urea and creatinine level in the blood comes down and when your health is improved take dialysis once in 15 days. Follow our prescribed diet chart strictly. You can maintain your health without torture and transplantation.

The regular and continuous Ashshifa-500 treatment helps to reduce the frequency of the dialysis in cases of the chronic renal failure patients. Say for example, the patients who undergoes dialysis three or four times a week, can reduce it to two times and then to one time a week and finally the dialysis can be had once in a month on the basis of his health condition and on the basis of the clinical tests conducted. The Ashshifa-500 has the blood purifying effect which would reduce the level of urea and creatinine, as the tests would show. The patients can then maintain his health and the health of his diseased kidneys with regular use of our medicines after the consultation with our physician.

Please note that no system of treatment can give 100% cure, so also our unani system of medicine. You have to continue unani medicine for life time with or without dialysis as per the suggestion of your doctor to avoid transplantation.

We can say you that our medicine can help you in maintaining your kidney and prolong the life without torture.
Praying the God for your speed recovery from the ailment.

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