I came across Kasini during my researches on the Prophet's Medicines. In the sayings of the Prophet and in Arabic Language the herb is named as Hinduba which means a plant from India. Obviously it is an ancient herb used by the ancient physicians of India. But in the course of time due to some reasons it fell into oblivion in India, whereas the Arabs made use of it for preparing medicines and the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (Sal) described it as a holy herb. This is a humble attempt to expose the various aspects of this holy wonder herb Kasini.
God has created many plants, creepers, grass and trees on the earth. The uses of which are made known to man through wise men, saints and the prophets. Thus we have saints like Agasthya and Danwanthari and great many Rishis in India. In vedas a separate veda, Ayurveda deals with the health of the people. Similarly in Arabia, through Prophet Mohammed (Sal) God sent his for the spiritual and physical guidance of entire mankind. No doubt these teachings include the health matters as well. The Prophet's teachings on medical matters have been compiled as Thibb-e-Nabuvi, i.e the Prophet's Medicine. More than one hundred herbs have been mantioned in the Prophet's Medicine. Kasini is one among them.
Dr. Akbar Kausar is the first physician in India who introduce it as vegetable and medicine for various diseases. The unani people know kasini as diuretic medicine which is useful in liver and kidney disorders.

He cultivates kasini in his herbal farms at Vaniyambadi, Bangalore and Tirunelveli. Marketing directly at the sales counters of Malaimurasu daily news paper offices of Tamil Nadu, Dinachudar Daily and Sanjevani Kanada Daily Offices, Hopcoms Government vegetable shops in the state of Karnataka. Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini is made available in Uzhavar Sandai, Tamil Nadu Government vegetable market. Within a short span of five years period Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini has become a household vegetable through the efforts of Dr. Akbar Kausar by propagating it through the various Tamil TV. Channels.
He manufactures Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini powder and Kasini capsules from the Kasini keerai.
When the demand of Kasini keerai increased suddenly Dr. Akbar Kausar's herbal farm was not able to supply the required demand to the public. He met personally Hon'ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Health Minister, Hon'ble Agriculture Minister to encourage the farmers to grow Kasini in the lands to meet the sufficient demand of the people. It was implemented by the government.
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu exempted Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini and its by - products, Dr. Akbar kausar's Kasini powder and Kasini capsule from Sale Tax. In the Tamil Nadu Assembly Hon’ble agricultural Minister appealed to all the M.L.A's to propagate Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini and encourage the farmers to cultivate in large in their area.


God created man, animals, plants, trees, inanimate beings etc. He has also caused ailments to the living beings. But then he has evolved medicines for the diseases. People have had superstitions about diseases. They began to think it is the results of their sins or the consequence of witchcraft or poisoning done by enemies etc. Even in serious cases of diseases, instead of going for medicinal cure they go to those who practice witchcraft and magic.


Such was the condition prevailed over Arabia before the arrival of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). He has been sent by God to expel darkness from the hearts of the people regarding belief in God. Besides that, God has taught him medicines to relieve the ignorant from their superstitions. Through simple herbal remedies, he showed the people, the diseases can be cured


One such herb prescribed by the Phrophet (Sal) was Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini, which according to him had the properties to expell the effects of witchcraft and poison. He said that on the Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini leaves every day the drops of Paradise fall. Those who consume it every day will get good sleep and will be kept away from the evil effects of diseases, witchcraft and poisoning. (Source: Abu Nayeem)

Accordingly the Arab people used Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini as a medicine for diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure, cancer, jaundice, arthritis. Later on through out the world Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini has been accepted as an effective and useful herb.
In this stage lot of spurious Kasini-like leaves are being marketed by some of the greedy vegetable vendors which cause great harm and inconvenience to the public.

Dr. Akbar Kausar educated the people about the Dr. Akbar Kausar's original Kasini keerai through the press and T.V. media.
He cultivates Kasini in his own herbal farms by using the traditional procedure of cultivation. Harvesting, drying, powdering, packing and preserving with great care so that its medicinal value is not lost.

He believes in scientific research and evaluation of the all herbal medicines, in particulary Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini.
With the help of the world renowned nutrition scientist Dr. Rajammal P. Devadoss, Chancellor, Avinashilingam University of Coimbatore he made extensive research on Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini leaves, Kasini powder and Kasini capsules.

People should be aware that kasini is of two types. One is Chicorium Intybus. Another is Chicorium Endiva. Besides these varieties, there are lot of other greens which seems to be of same shape and size to look, but differs from taste and its medicinal qualities.

It is better to take Dr. Akbar Kausar's special kasini powder and special kasini capsules which is prepared with great care, when original kasini leaves are not available in your area.


Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini (Common), Chicory (English), Chicorium intybus Linn (Botanical), Compositae (Family), Hinduba (Arabic). Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini in Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kanada, Bengali and in all other Indian languages.


Dr.Akbar Kausar's Kasini is a perennial herb with a long tape root and a stuffy erect branched, angled and furrowed stem similar to a dandilion. The leaves on the branching stems are large and spreading. This herb is juicy, milky, stem angled or grooved, The lower leaves are pinnatified, lobes toothed, pointing downwards, the upper leaves are small, alternate, heads ligulate, terminal and solitary or axillary and clustered, sessile or on short stalks, leaf like flowers are bright blue, papous short lique very long spreading 5 toothed. Fruits angled, with crowned arch and ring of pappus.
Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini is of an instable humor that is transformed according to the seasons of the year. In winter, it is cold and humid; in summer it is hot and dry; in spring and autumn, it is moderate. It is suitable to all in all seasons.


Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini can be cultivated anywhere at any time. It is not a seasonal plant. 15 days after seeding the leaves can be harvested. It can be cultivated both in the fields and kitchen garden. The Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini leaves are available in the vegetable markets and are used in several food preparations. The dried seeds and roots are available in the country-crude-drug stores. These are used in preparation of medicines. In Arabian countries the raw stem and roots are preparations.

The plant is known as Kasini in Persian, Urdu, Tamil and other Indian languages. The Arabs call it “Hinduba”. The common English term is wild "Chicory".

The leaves are green coloured and wide with rude surface. The flowers are in violet colour. Seeds are grey coloured and roots muddy coloured. It is bitter in taste.


Leaves, flower, roots, seeds and all parts of the Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini plant are used for medicinal purpose by the Unani Physician. The bitter Kasini is diuretic, laxative, anti inflammatory, digestive, appetizer, blood purifier and thermogenic. It is very useful in Dropsy, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Fever, Elergy, Asthma, Kidney failure, Rheumatoid Arthritis,Diabetes, Allergic condition of the Skin, Insomia, Gout, Pain and Swelling in small joints, Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Arthralgia, Pharyngitis, Colic, Filaria, Hydroceyle and Bilious complaints. It strengthens the Lungs, Kidney, Liver, Gall Blader, Heart, Stomach, Pancreas and Skin. It is specially useful for Diabetic patient.

The plant increases digestion, blood formation and cures anaemia. It dissolves gall stones. It is also useful in joint pain and all other associated complaints of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The sedimentation of uric acid in the blood is the main cause of the Arthritis. The allopathy system has not yet found a drug to reduce the uric acid. If Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini plant is used as a medicine, the uric acid will be cleared of from the blood.

Experiments done on white rats have shown that Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini is useful in the problems of heart, inflammation and in expelling excessive sugar from blood. The people who are addicted to tea and coffee can use Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini decoction as substitute to relieve the toxic effects of such drinks. The Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini has the powder to expell the toxic effects of alcohol smoking and drugs.


Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini leaves can be used as an ordinary vegetable in several preparations like sambar, rasam, curry, soup, bonda, vadai, idli, with meat, masala dosai, biriyani, chutney and sharbath. Regular use of Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini as food will help to relieve constipation and to control many diseases connected with liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, prostate, urinary bladder, uterus and other internal organs. It will help to reduce the uric acid in the blood thus will bring relief to all types of joints and nerve pains and inflammation connected with arthritis, gout etc. It will also prevent the formation of calculi in the gall bladder, urinary bladder and kidneys. Regular use of Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini will help to expell the stones already formed in these organs. In short, the Kasini referred in the Prophet's Medicine is a blessing from God, a panacea for all diseases.


It was during the period of Mughal kings Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini was introduced in India bot as a herb and vegetable. The indigeneous systems of medicines like Ayurveda and Unani have found out the medicinal properties and it began to be used as an important ingredient in various medicinal preparations. But with the emergence and dominance of European system of medicine the importance of Kasini was forgotten.


The teaching of the Prophet regarding medicines have been compiled and many books have been published under the caption the Thibb-e-Nabuvi, the Prophet's medicine. In all these books Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini has been specified for the treatment of kidney failure and liver failure Dr.Akbar Kausar has found out that Kasini has been very useful in treating and maintaining the kidney failure without dialysis and kidney transplantation especially the diabetic nephropathy. Ever since his new discovery of Kasini's medicinal properties, the herb has achieved greater significance.


Dr. Akbar Kausar's plea to exempt Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini from sales taxes was instantly granted by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Accordingly it was notified in the budget for 1998-199 and the exemption was extended in the budgets for the subsequent years also.

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